21 May 2017

Pray for the Complete Redemption Tomorrow!

25 Iyyar 5777
40th Day of the Omer

UPDATE: English Below!
The text of the prayer (much larger if you click here).

To anyone who can do this tomorrow, the 26th of Iyyar (22 May) beginning at 5PM, my heart, thanks and blessings go out to you.

From the Sod 1820 site (translation mine, with the help of Google):

We are organizing a World Day of Prayer concerning the Final Redemption on the day of the passing of the RaM"Hal (Rav Moshe Hayyim Luzzato, zz"l) this coming Monday, the 26th of Iyyar. Attached here is the text of the prayer [in Hebrew - CDG], and we ask everyone to say it 13 times, beginning at 5PM on Monday.
This makes it close to the 42nd Day of the Omer Count. I will be working tomorrow at that time and I pray slowly! So I guess that if I start at 5 in the afternoon, it doesn't matter how long it takes. And I don't know whether it means 5 here in Israel or 5 your time, wherever you may be in the world.

UPDATE: But pray, anyway and either way. I believe they really want as many people beseeching haShem as possible throughout the 42nd Day of the Omer! And why not pray it more if you can? And afterwards as well, until we see results?!

May Geulah Shlemah come swiftly and may haShem defeat the plans of our enemies, amen!

Many thanks to Chaya Shaina Chana bat Itcha, who sent me the link; thus, in her merit I am posting. May every blessing of healing and redemption be on you, my dear (please see the link I have on the right sidebar above for her - I thank G-d she still lives)! 
UPDATE: She also helped by providing a smoother translation (now below) from someone she knows.

Rough Smoother English Translation:

"May it be Your will, Hashem our G-d and the G-d of our fathers, that You will accept with favor the prayers of Your nation Israel who have prayed to You in all generations, in every place in the world, and especially in the holy Land of Israel.  And in the merit of these prayers, may You tip the scale to redeem Your nation Israel as a complete redemption with kindness, with mercy, with miracles, and with wonders.  

"And subjugate underneath You the blood - which is the Kingdom of Edom - and the fat - which is the Kingdom of Yishmael. 

"In the merit of all the truly righteous people who lived until today, and in the merit of all the truly righteous people who are among us today, and in the merit of the hope that we hope to see Your complete redemption, and in the merit of Your mercy and kindness, please Hashem, send to us immediately Eliyahu Hanavi Your servant, and reveal to us the King Mashiah, and make him king over the nation of Israel and over the entire world.

"Please Hashem, do not return us empty-handed from before You because we rely upon You.  Answer us and do not delay.  It is toward Your salvation that I hope.

"May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart find favor before You, Hashem, my Rock and my Redeemer."

Many thanks to one of my precious readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, for prompting the translation.

12 April 2017

The First Son: Why Wise, and not Righteous?

16 Nisan 5777
1st Day of the Omer

Featuring the top 2 in this picture. Thanks to Yaakov Kirschen.

Last night, Erev Pessah, my husband and I were seated across from a couple who were the son and daughter-in-law of our gracious hosts, along with their lovely children. The husband of this couple gave over an interesting question from The Rebbe concerning the Four Sons of the Seder.

A little background: The family we ate with is a large Halabi Syrian Hebrew-speaking (and Arabic-speaking, at least for the Seder), with Sepharadi origins and Mizrahi practice. At least two of their many sons have aligned themselves with Chabad, that I know of. The elder of these two is the one whose rendition, given in Hebrew, I am writing about today. It is more a transfer of thought, which is probably as much as I can expect from myself, than a translation.

Disclaimer: I have never read anything this question in Hebrew or English, and I find it difficult to find search terms on the Internet in Hebrew or English that would reveal it; so, my understanding of it comes from this d'var Torah. Any failure to give this over properly is mine.

And a reminder that in Israel we have only one night of seder. It is now hol hamo'ed — weekday during a holiday — for us.

The original was, of course, not recorded because we don't record on Hag. Therefore, it is hard to tell the difference between my thoughts and what the Rebbe said. My Hebrew, both understanding and speaking, is improving but isn't perfect. Perhaps when haShem flips the switch to give us all a common, clear language as He did when He confused the languages...😉

So...The Rebbe asked: Why does the Haggadah call the first son the Wise Son (hakham חכם) and not the Righteous Son (tzadiq צדיק)?

[After all, if one were to make a list of opposites, Wise would go across from Foolish, and Righteous would go across from Wicked. But in this case, Wise is across from Wicked (rasha' רשע). Which is why I think the Rebbe is asking the question; it intrigues him.]

The Rebbe's answer: The Righteous Son would always be correct in everything he said. But not everything he said would be listened to, because, while he is smart and knows all the answers, he doesn't know how to say what he needs to say because he does not understand the Wicked Son's need for a frank, uncompromising, real answer.

The Wise Son knows how to deal to everyone at the table. He knows to ask his parents questions, when to speak and when to keep silent. He knows how to deal with everyone, even (and especially) to his brother the Wicked Son. He even understands the Wicked Son because he has a little of him inside — but he knows how to handle himself so that he doesn't have to give in to it. [How did he get there? Maybe he decided that leaving himself out in the cold when it comes to the Jewish People's destiny is not a good idea.]

May Eliyahu haNavi (Elijah the Prophet) come to bring the good news of Mashiah's revelation and our complete redemption swiftly in our days!

Happy Festival of Freedom to all ! חג חירוטנו שמח לכולם

07 April 2017

Purim isn't only for fun.

11 Nisan 5777

(This post was begun on 
Shushan Purim (15 Adar) 5777)

For Adi, for Shiri, for Natalie, for Sivan, for Keren, for Nirit, and for Ella.
(Thanks to Paula R. Stern also for the names of these girls. I have no idea whether they're in order or not.)

Even weeks afterwards, I'm still stuck on this past Purim, and not only for joy and happiness. I'm fortunate that I can post this before Pessah...and I'm hoping that we'll be getting a visit from a certain prophet of renown before Mashiah is revealed.

Some people take Purim very seriously. Mainly, they would be non-Jews who love nothing more than to keep us Children of Israel unhappy during our happy times, emotionally far from our redemption and our redeemer.

The nation of Jordan is an appropriate example: Earlier that day, while it was still Purim for most of the Jewish world (and when I started this article, it still was...but I delayed all this time, while work practically ruled my life afterwards...), they released none other than Ahmed Daqamseh, the Jordanian "soldier" who murdered seven Israeli Jewish schoolgirls from Beit Shemesh, students who were on a field trip, in the Island of Peace massacre 20 years ago the next day. Memory is kept of these girls at the school where they attended (One of Mystical Paths author R' Akiva Marks's daughters attends there.).

The Island of Peace, as noted in Wikipedia (link above), was a joint Israeli-Jordanian tourist resort that was under Jordanian rule. So much for peace efforts. Showing no remorse, this murderer still dares to say that he considers himself and his sons "soldiers in the armed forces." Perhaps if he knew what real soldiers do, he wouldn't say such a thing. Killing unarmed schoolgirls who have not come to kill him is not soldiering; he is a cowardly murderer, as are the people he served under, and apparently he intends to continue in that path. He lives in the spirit of Amalek and the Philistines.

How can we tolerate the freedom of this murderer? Let me be clear: The schoolgirls who have been in their graves because of him for the last 20 years were not shielding criminals or terrorists. They were not "collateral damage" that happened to be in the way of a legitimate target (as dehumanizing a phrase as can be!). They had no weapons in their hands with which to harm. THEY WERE THE CIVILIAN PREY OF THIS FIRST-DEGREE MURDERER. Think about that. People have been in jail longer than he for far less!

I stand with Yaffa Shoukroun, the teacher who was also seriously injured by Daqamseh, but fortunately not killed. She told Arutz 7,  "I heard this morning about the release and I feel that they ruined our Purim celebrations...The Jordanian government did not coordinate with us the decision to release him...[t]hey released terrorist like robbers in the night. In the past there were attempts to release him but we made a fight so that the terrorist would never again see the light of day. I never imagined that one day this terrorist would be set free. The terrorist should have served a sentence for every pupil he murdered, he didn't even serve a sentence for one and was released after 20 years."

King Hussein actually offered condolences after the attack; but today's Jordanian leadership has taken his gesture back, substituting for it a warm welcome home for the terrorist.

Personally speaking, I feel that we need to not be so accepting when it comes to the actions of our so-called friends. Remember, this murderer was not in jail here in Israel, but in Jordan, and was released there. A decent Israel cannot have (or continue to have) good relations with them under these conditions; no one needs to remind me that we're not quite there yet. I am painfully aware of how imperfect we are; however, it doesn't give others the right to take advantage of us and our profoundly dysfunctional state. But I digress.

I was, and still am, upset by this release precisely because I clearly remember when he went to jail! His own mother doesn't believe the "mentally unstable" excuse. Wikipedia quotes from Al Jazeera: In May 2001, Daqamseh's mother said,

"I am proud of my son, and I hold my head high. My son did a heroic deed and has pleased god and his own conscience. My son lifts my head and the head of the entire Arab and Islamic nation. I am proud of any Muslim who does what Ahmad did. I hope that I am not saying something wrong. When my son went to prison, they asked him: 'Ahmad, do you regret it?' He answered: 'I have no regrets.' He treated everyone to coffee, honored all the other prisoners, and said: The only thing that I am angry about is the gun, which did not work properly. Otherwise I would have killed all of the passengers on the bus."

She clearly does not think her son is mentally unstable or a madman. Far be it from me to contradict.

But. I have some good news for my gentle readers today, thanks to Rivka Levy of Emunaroma (whom I suspect also translates the Shuvu Banim website into English for them. I could be wrong; it could be some other British-English writer.):

RAV ELIEZER BERLAND WAS RELEASED FROM PRISON YESTERDAY. This is truly big news that isn't getting around, and I hope that the other innocent Jewish prisoners of Zion, as well as those whose sentences have long passed and yet they languish, will also be freed as well. Frankly, it will take completely freeing ALL of these prisoners, with NO ONEROUS CONDITIONS, to even begin to balance the freeing of this FIRST-DEGREE MURDERER OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS...HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS...right in front of everyone there.

Complete Redemption, perhaps?

Abba HaShem, are You listening? Who is Mashiah and where, oh where, is his forerunner Eliyahu?

Sorry, I don't have time to gather more links. Maybe next week after the Hag, be"H, b"n. There are tons of them.

03 March 2017

A Heart's Cry for Help

5 Adar 5777
Erev Shabbath Terumah

Please also pray for Ezriel ben Shifra (עזריאל בן שפרא), who has just been found to be in such a bad way that his wife won't talk about it; no medical treatments have helped him.
Some of my readers are probably familiar with the following cry for help:

"Please read and please help me!!! Someone started a Chesed Fund for me to raise the money needed for Rabbi Eliezer Berland to help me. I'm suffering so much from antibiotics I never needed and the doctor knew I was allergic to! I swelled up all the nerves in my brain to my mouth throat and neck into my body causing constant non stop burning fire and paralysis l!!

"Please read all about me and my situation below!! Please help me!!😢😢😢😢

"Very Urgent help for a miracle needed desperately to survive!! Please help me!!😢😢😢😢(caused by doctors giving antibiotic that was never needed and allergic to) my case is very very rare!!

"I, my husband and our families are all natives of Lakewood, NJ. My husband is a cousin to the 4th Belzer Rebbe and a family member had a health miracle 60 years ago. Please help me! I need a health miracle! I have cranial neuritis cause by doctors giving me an antibiotic that I never needed and am allergic to! Please, I beg with tears for help! My case is extremely rare!! 

"I beg with tears for help, please help me! I need a decree to restore my health!! Please help me!! Rav Amram Vaknin, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Meir Shechter, Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz .... Please help me get to them!! Please I need to get help from a great Tzadik please!!! I cannot feel my entire mouth throat or neck (my skull is swollen and face from the nerves being swollen) my chest shoulders back into spine and stomach and burn on fire non stop causing paralysis! Please help me! Here is my story!!

"I have an autoimmune disease set off by Keflex 30 years ago and biaxin for a tooth infection in February 2015 that threw me under the bus! (My father passed away as well and taught everyone from Lakewood to NY to Israel for free not to studder)

"My body is attacking my trigememinal and glossopharngeal nerves (cranial nerves) vagus too, neck into my spine in neck down back! My entire mouth throat palate tongue sinuses cheeks occipital (I can feel the swelling of all the nerves in brain and brainstem! I have atrophy in my face from the nerves inside my mouth and swelling near my ears and atrophy with my ears as well! Please help me stop the autoantibodies from attacking my central nervous system (cranial nerves and spine)!

"Looking for natural treatment only! Big Pharma ruined my life!!

"I need a miracle now please HaShem!! I cannot do this anymore! I'm suffering so much!! Help me now! Answer me now and send me my messenger now and do not forsake me please! I beg with tears for your help! I need to live!! Too much to do!! I want to save lives and help everyone!! Help me please!! Save me now and send my miracle of health completely now!!! Send Moshiach for the entire living world now please!! Peace and health for all life on earth!!"

Chaya Shaina Chana Bas Itcha [update: "Itcha" is pronounced like "scratch your itch," straight from Chaya Shaina Chana.  -CDG]
Here is a little more background on our sister in Israel:
I first read about her in my local N’shei e-newsletter about a year or so ago. She wrote me the following after I responded to her email, which she wrote following my last post.

She was a medical lab technician and a nurse before her illness. She is extremely and painfully aware of her condition and plight, making her suffering worse than can be imagined by anyone not in the medical profession, or otherwise in the healing arts. She told me:

I'm written off!! It is an inflammatory Demylinating disease of the cranial nerves and spine!! (Central nervous system brought on by Big Pharma!) if the swelling would stop, the pain and non stop burning would stop and do would the damage (paralysis). Any nerve that gets inflamed, loses function (paralysis). You cannot live without eating or breathing! The largest of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves are all affected! Words along cannot describe my suffering! I use to drink coffee and tea and ate organic vegan , saved animals, and walked 21 miles a week up until February 2015 after taking another antibiotic that threw me under the bus swelling the nerves even more so! I need a miracle!... I need a Tzadik to make a decree to remove this evil disease!

"By the way, being that the nerves are the largest in the brain, the swelling of them doesn't kill you immediately! The longer you have the swelling , you lose the myelin sheaths that conduct signals. Once the myelin is completely destroyed, paralysis takes place! You have no idea what it means to burn on fire non stop until you feel no more!! I cried plenty over the years and now my worst fear happened!! You can live without a leg or arm not your head neck mouth throat, etc!!

"I'm on fire in the largest cranial nerves. My face is swollen , atrophy, cannot feel my mouth or throat anymore and it's hard to breath because the vagus is the longest cranial nerve and that too is affected. It's my entire head throughout. I burn and tingle non stop and feel like I'm being choked and I am! Cannot live without your cranial nerves!”

Did she say she needs a miracle?

Please help. CLICK HERE AND DONATE…large or small. Erev Shabbat is a good time to start! And don't forget to pray for Chaya Shaina Chana Bas Itcha to be healed with all the sick of Israel.

Thank you!!!!
P.S. When this post gets pushed down, the link to her Chesed Fund page will still be in the upper-right corner of my blog until the situation is resolved, with the help of G-d, in her favor. May our fight for her healing bring merit to Am Yisrael and hasten geulatenu hashlemah (our complete redemption)!

26 February 2017

Candidates for Mashiah: Clarification or Confusion?

 30 Shevat 5777
Rosh Hodesh Adar Alef

(compiled by CDG. In case the links above don't work, R' Berland | Meir Ettinger )

[NOTE: The word "candidate" is NOT meant to imply that the office, post, or position of Mashiah is won by election, as are the many democratic countries' heads, whether presidents or prime ministers. Neither is it meant to state that it is a dictatorship that one person succeeds in imposing on his (or her) people.]

To summarize many, many sources as I understand them, Mashiah is a man, 100% a human being, a direct descendant of King David of the tribe of Yehuda (Judah), appointed by haShem and ratified by the Jewish people through a process that has us observe him completely fulfill the qualifications we have been given through our great sages of old. Please let me know if there's anything I've left out. Sanhedrin 20b of the Babylonian Talmud says a king must be appointed before we annihilate Amalek and build the Beit haMiqdash (HaShem's chosen house).

What the word "candidate" refers to in this post is the perception (I can't really say 'reality' yet) that we have at least two people living in Israel who are imminent possibilities for the role of Mashiah the descendant of King David. Both of them have leadership qualities, lead many people in one way or another, and have been in jail or are currently in jail; at least one of them has a name included in a list of King David's descendants' names (I don't know whether the other also does, or not.). And, last, but not least, both are being persecuted because of who the authorities think they might be. There are possibly more candidates; and some people here even claim they know for sure who he is. One, or neither, of the people I am writing about today could be the person the Jewish people have been waiting thousands of years for. But this is as far as it seems to have gotten so far.

No voting, please. We only must want Mashiah, whomever haShem might choose.

I am referring to these two possibilities: Meir Ettinger and Rav Eliezer Berland. I have written about them both, but am not the primary source for either.

Reb Dov Bear bar Leib of the End of Days/Years of Awe blog, commented the following on his blog post, Piercing (Pirtzah) the Darkness that is (Tzarfat) at the End of Days, Part One on learning that the Israeli General Security Services (Shaba"K) officially banned Meir Ettinger from teaching Torah (Hebrew):

 The odds of him being Mashiach ben David just jumped to at least 50%. They are so afraid of him that he is now not allowed to teach Torah.
He explains further, "OMyG-d, they are forbidding him from teaching Torah to talmidim. They are unbelievably afraid of him. This is a siman about whom they at the very least think he is. Would HaShem send Mashiach into the world so that the Yetzer HaRa would prevent him from teaching Torah?? In one way, the answer might be Yes. But if HaShem wants to trick the Satan like He did with David by making him have questionable Yichus because of Ruth's conversion as a Moaviyah, then the answer would be No. So the odds of him being Mashiach are 50/50."

>>UPDATE: Our colleague, Neshama, sent me (and apparently him) a link to the above report, and reported it herself. 

>>UPDATE 2: The Kol haYehudi article linked above has been translated to English by Myrtle Rising. See for yourself.

UPDATE 3: It looks like both of these gentlemen are direct descendants of Melekh David (but then half or more of the Jewish world is; so, haShem has all that many more to choose from.).

Rivka Levy, of Emunaroma, wrote the following concerning R' Berland recently:

...on one side, an ever-growing list of lamed vav Tzaddikim and undisputed leaders of the generation...telling us that Rav Berland is Kodesh kodeshim, completely innocent of any accusation, and that we need to be VERY careful to not even think a bad thought about him...And on the other… a bunch of hardcore, mentally-ill psychos.

As far as righteous people being in jail is concerned, or being constricted so that complete freedom is impossible for them as it is for the rest of us, whether Mashiah-in-waiting or not, this is absolutely a desecration of G-d's Holy Name and clearly evil. I don't have words and I cannot pretend to understand people who knowingly choose this path to give our lowly people breathing space and merit; I can only be grateful that we still have such individuals among us. The order these comments are written in has nothing to do with what I think about these two gentlemen; I have no preference or any special knowledge about these people, and I am not pitting them against one another. It is just what came up in my limited view of the world. But that this sort of thing is happening right now is extremely important. Great efforts are being made to keep effective Torah that could change the world from the masses of Jews in Israel! HaShem Yishmor!

It has been said of us that we are the most traumatized people on the planet. On top of that, like our ancestors in Mitzrayim (Egypt), we are short of breath due to hard work. We may not exactly be slaves nowadays, but most of us work long hours for low salaries and get paid monthly (I was shocked when I found out that, not only management, but EVERY Israeli employee gets paid monthly. In my admittedly limited experience, the "worker bees" get paid bi-weekly. Are Americans spoiled rotten, with the rest of the world getting paid as Israelis do? Or, is there a flaw in the image of Israeli prosperity? I don't have an opinion on it because I honestly don't know.).

So, to get back to the point, since Israel became self-ruling AGAIN in 5708/1948 (we were called Yehuda, or Judea, before, but both names are ours, as far as the world is concerned), we Jews have never had a chance to rest from our enemies and recover from our multiple traumas; and we need all the breathing space we can get and all the merit we can get; but if we are aware that people are taking a lot of our burden for us, we should try to help out, even if only a little. It is hard to think when one is trying to survive in a world where most of it is rooting for us to die; but we must make every effort to have calm, settled minds and never, never, never give up (thanks, Mr. Churchill, for that one).

Let's not be confused. The order of appearance in the post does not indicate anything about my preference because being Mashiah is a matter outside my hands, as it is for all of us; and will be a fact, rather than an opinion. The two do not mix. Either, or neither, could be haShem's choice.

May the chosen Mashiah, King of Israel, succeed at fulfilling all the qualifications, in whatever manner they may be completed, and be revealed and crowned imminently, whoever he may be!


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R' Eliezer Berland:
"We are Character Witnesses..."

More about R' Berland; also here.

Hodesh Adar mevorah!

06 February 2017

Let's take responsibility and clean house!

10 Shevat 5777

Ofra before destruction. Photo Credit: Lior Mizrahi/Flash90

It surprised me somewhat to discover recently that the Israeli problem of throwing Jews out of their properties goes at least as far back as the prophet Yehezkel (Ezekiel). He conveys a very important message from haShem in perek 45, pasuk 9:

9 So said the Lord God: Enough, princes of Israel; remove violence and plunder, and perform justice and righteousness; take away your evictions from My people, says the Lord God.
ט כֹּה אָמַר אֲדֹנָי יֱהֹוִה רַב לָכֶם נְשִׂיאֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל חָמָס וָשֹׁד הָסִירוּ וּמִשְׁפָּט וּצְדָקָה עֲשׂוּ הָרִימוּ גְרֻשֹׁתֵיכֶם מֵעַל עַמִּי נְאֻם אֲדֹנָי יֱהֹוִה:

RASHI: take away your evictions: Take away [your practice] of evicting My people from their inherited property.

This, after describing how we are to take a portion of land from what we were given and, in the process of dividing it amongst the Twelve Tribes, setting aside a portion for Him and His sanctuary. Apparently, the separation of Holy Ground from the Jewish people is keeping us separated from haShem - which, of course, is what the enemies of Israel want with all their hearts!

The book Yechezkel, from the Artscroll Tanach series, comments further (pages 710-11):

Enough for you, princes of Israel!
This is a call to the former kings of Judah, who have been demoted to the level of princes by the Babylonian conquerors. The robbery and rapine (plundering -CDG) which you have practiced in the past must cease; instead, you must practice justice and righteousness (Metzudos).

Malbim offers an interpretation which looks to the future: You will have ample property, O princes of Israel...There is no need for you to practice robbery and rapine. My dispositions are such that you can practice justice and righteousness.

Desist from your evictions of My people [lit. remove your evictions from My people].
[Artscroll's translation -CDG]: Stop evicting My people from their properties (Rashi).

Radak and Metzudos hold that [the root letters -CDG] גרש can mean to throw or to impose. The meaning is: Desist from imposing [unfair] taxes upon My people.
How relevant this is today, both the taxes and the evictions! Israelis even refer to the gerush of Gush Katif. Hitnatkut (self-disconnection -CDG), the official designation for this event in 2005, which everyone knows by now was totally the wrong way to go, is far too sterile a term for us.

Amona was just the latest (and hopefully, the last) in a long series of summary evictions of Jews in Israel (or in the terms of the evictors, near Israel but in what they consider to be Palestinian territory, after many years of Arabs never reporting about it), which would not be tolerated anywhere else in the world.

It turns out that many factors were brought to bear in this latest tearing out of Jewish roots (and its upcoming continuation within Ofra, may it be erased. Can we make up our mind as to what we are doing?). Among these are:

1. The insistence of Israeli politicians and media that we must depend on military support, and therefore take orders, from the United States.

2. At least one leftist Member of Knesset asserts that our High Court of Justice (definitely not the right name for them!) makes laws rather than forming their judgments around laws made by proper lawmakers (in our case, the Knesset). Both of these factors are further discussed here.

3. The demonization of the settlers of Yehuda and the Shomron - making settler a dirty word; in the words of former US consul in Yerushalayim Phillip Wilcox, Jewish settlers are niggers (longtime investigative journalist David Bedein's recently-published interpretation) with no human rights (see there for the exact quote, from 1990.). There, I've written it. (It's the first time I've used this highly pejorative term in more than 50 years. We don't like it any more than black people do!)

4. The established fact that the above-mentioned High Court places anti-settlement justices in charge of settlers' cases in order to prejudice the outcome.

5. We have been internalizing everyone else's narratives that we forget we are even a nation.

6. We have spent so much time fighting for our survival in little communities, ghettos and mellahs as well as in the big cities of just about everywhere, outside our land. We can't internalize what real sovereignty means, for us. To make it worse, our government, particularly the High Court, indulges in political warfare against a certain segment of Israeli society: the settlers (who actually prefer the term mitnahalim, inheritors).

7. We are easy to divide and conquer. No need for links on this one. I think we all know it; we have a term for it: sinath hinam, literally hatred of those who are free (and thus, our own freedom). The questions are: Why? and How do we stop it? Do we dare NOT trust HaQadosh Barukh Hu???

I agree with many others greater than I that we must dare to trust Him. It is the only way out of the morass we have been living through these last couple of thousand years. As Moshe Feiglin, whose new party Zehut focuses on life with Jewish identity, says, ultimately it isn't the fault of the High Court or the Left — it is we ordinary citizens who must divest ourselves from our ongoing dysfunctions that we have become so used to that we can't recognize when we are giving in even when we don't have to (my words, but see here - video, 11:52. If you don't understand Hebrew, turn on Closed Captions for English. Here is another opportunity to identify some of the points listed above). Internal corruption also plays a prominent role, as the program there points out. And so far, we haven't been able to stop the calling of the Jewish desire to simply survive as Jews an extremist view! What happened to "live and let live"?

But, Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher says, in the video below, that the High Court (he calls it the Low Court 😉) are for the most part Erev Rav; they showed it most recently by fighting the government itself for the destruction of Amona, and they show it every time they arrogate to themselves the right to make up law as they go.

Take courage, faithful Jews! Geula is almost here!

Current Events in the Haftarah: Bo 5777

Even more reading & listening:

BULLETPROOF: What will happen now to the Residents of Amona? | The Most Heroic at Amona - The "Violent" Youth | Whoever Strikes a Jew Strikes G-d | Jeremy Gimpel's son Lavi is planting 1,000 trees in Gush Etzion for his Bar Mitzvah |

15 January 2017

First, throw all the bums out!

17 Tevet 5777


Note the Jewish star (blue) and the Xian cross (red) embedded in the green cage. Is this picture worth 1,000 words, or what? Source

As the 70 nations meet today in Paris (we in Yerushalayim are still, and always, an hour ahead of them, so I might still be ahead - I started writing this before Shabbat!), I must clear up some things I said in my last post. Even though no one wrote to tell me, I do have my own reasons for thinking that some might actually think I am saying something I'm not.

When I wrote, "we must be actively happy for [the nations'] material success," I assumed it would be understood that I meant this success would occur in their own lives, having to do with people going about their business and doing well in it. The context I am thinking of, as well, is that others would reciprocate, and l'fargen us, while leaving us alone to mind our own business; and they, theirs. That would be in a functional world.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a functional world. Reality dashes my happy thoughts and tells me that today (on the Jewish calendar), a highly symbolic number of nations, with lots of support from their people, is meeting (maybe this minute, as I finish up) in Paris. They really do not regard Israel well in a truly dysfunctional way, and have put a lot of thought into how they would say it so that we would be deceived as to what their goals are. However, we can read the bottom line: As one sign I saw put it, "Israel, your days are numbered." While it seems that they are demanding on both sides of the "Palestinian"-Israeli divide, actually they have gone out of their way to bind, gag and even strangle Israel to death.

Only G-d can save us now. He promised us He would, and He will. The only question is how.

Even though the US presidency is in the process of transition, I personally have no hope in it. I met the gentleman in charge of Trump's campaign here in Israel last week and spoke with him. He said that Trump plans to give Gaza to Egypt. I said, "NO! You can't do that!" -Why not? -"Because only the Jews can grow food there. The Arabs still can't; that's why we ship food to them on a daily basis. That's the sign of Geula Shleimah [complete redemption], the desert blossoms as a havatzelet1!" His wife agreed with me. We'll see what happens. I hope that Mr. Trump can even begin to understand where Israel stands, even though when you get two Jews together, you get three opinions, as the saying goes. He might want to benefit from Joe Biden's experience, as former senator of Delaware. But then again, it might just confuse him more. A more salient direction for Mr. Trump would be to take another look at everything he has ever heard and read about the Bible and the Jews. Start over, is more like it.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly what the world takes advantage of, and what made the Paris conference possible. Too many Jews, particularly in leadership, whether heads of JCCs in foreign lands or here at home in government positions, do not take our sovereignty, or our right to it, seriously; and it shows in the decisions that are made in our name. The Oslo Accords in 1993 and giving up Gush Katif almost 12 years ago come to mind. So does the current proposal to declare sovereignty only in Area C, even as our presence in all of Yehuda and the Shomron is being threatened. Are we not aware that our presence in all of Israel is next?

We also must remember — and not forget — the most important "element": the Creator of the Universe, who gave us this land in the first place. It is not by our strength alone, or even at all. When we act on behalf of our homeland, and thus ourselves, we must come from a place of choosing to follow HaShem's will. Otherwise it is in vain - see Psalm 127; it is as true now as it was when David haMelekh wrote it for his son, Shlomo.

Maybe the conference will flop. Maybe the sky will fall in on them (with G-d's help, may it be so!). But we won't know until it's over. One thing we must do, whether they succeed or fail: Disregard and, if we can, throw out the bums in our leadership who support capitulation to the nations, and the organizations that work tirelessly toward our surrender. There will still be plenty of people left in Israel to have a country. No matter how much they have threatened us that they will leave, just let them go.

B'Tselem, Peace Now, and J Street must go; Meretz and Labor (or whatever its latest new name is and ally(ies) is (are)) must go. Leave Israel...and take the other Israel-hating NGOs and supporters with you! None of your organizations and their lackeys have to be here if they don't like being in a country that specifically protects the Jewish Nation for its own sake. We do it because it is no one else's job, but G-d's will that we take our part in our own care; it's as simple as that. We don't need you to tell us how to do our job. No more videos with the sound turned off! That's blatant cheating, and it has already led to disaster, thanks to B'Tselem.

It is up to the Hebrew people of my beloved country to decide to say, NO MORE. If we want to have anything to hand to Mashiach when he is revealed and crowned, we must get rid of the enemy within our midst before getting rid of the terrorists and their supporters among the Arabs. Or, maybe they can all go together.

I have always found it odd that davka the Ashkenazim who have ruled our country since before its beginning really have never had any idea of the Arab mindset, treating them as though they were Xians (which some of them are, but most, including the leadership with the occasional exception, are Muslim these days. Even their Xianity is informed by their Arabic culture as well...) and not knowing what dhimmitude is; this is how we have arrived at the place where we are under national dhimmitude along with the European nations!

Never mind that they have Jewish mothers and are Israeli citizens. They avidly serve outside interests, and those interests are that Israel no longer be a country, nor the Jews a nation. Since they fail to identify with the suffering of their own, they don't deserve to participate in our glorious future.

Let the two-state solution die the ignominious death it so richly deserves. I hope this is more likely to be the outcome.

See the following psukim: Tehillim 83 תהילים פ"ג | Yehezkel 36 יחזקאל ל"ו | Yehezkel 37 יחזקאל ל"ז

1Mostly translated as "rose," havatzelet is its own flower. See this post.

10 January 2017

An "I've found it!" moment?

12 Tevet 5777

I hope I'm presenting a real gem today! Credit
The day after Tzom Asarah b'Tevet (the sunup-to-sundown fast of the 10th of Tevet) I listened to a video (see below) by Rav Alon Anava, "The Secret to Bring Mashiach," and I found a gem in there even he might not have anticipated: The main thing we as a people must do to: 1) make teshuva appropriate to that fast and 2) create unity among the people. Many thanks to Shirat Devorah for posting it first (as far as I know).

R' Anava laid it out clearly enough at the personal level (starting at 21:10 minutes in), but that was enough of a hint that, generalizing a specific point, made a lot of sense to this Israelit. What I derived is:

We, the Jewish People, must stop being envious of the nations of the world over the fact that they have more freedoms, less responsibility and fewer obligations in this life than we do; instead, we must be actively happy for their material success. Then, we must go on with our national life and mission according to Torah.

If you think this is too elementary and well-known, you need read no further. It will only bore you. The rest may continue.

On the personal level he said that I need to stop being envious over my friend's husband's income-earning ability, her house, children, job, clothing...whatever, and actually l'fargen her (to actively be happy for her success and possessions, from Yiddish — I'm applying what he said to myself, not quoting the Rav.). But I realized that the reason we are stuck with the lousy government we have in Israel, that favors the Gentiles (Muslims and Christians alike) among us over us Jews — among many, many other things — is because we ourselves as a people have a giant root of envy that even affects the best tzaddikim and tzaddikayot among us, even if they have conquered it; and it is an Erev Rav trait that connects us to the evil people and deeds among the nations in a negative way, causing us to have all kinds of mixed feelings about them, obsess endlessly over what they think of us and even be brought all-too-close to the suffering we wish were not ours to bear. We wish we were not always obligated to pray three times a day, study Torah, make aliyah to a land we must work on in order to make it grow (not to mention have tiny apartments for outrageous prices while Arabs build entire mansions freely even though it's supposedly illegal...and so on), being picked on and sought out for genocide...and it could go on forever! We should l'fargen them and then go on with our mission.

We all must do our part to conquer it, from the greatest to the least religious among us...any Jew who thinks it has nothing to do with him or her.

I remember reading an article (sorry, can't find a link to it) some years ago featuring a yeshiva student who had found out that he was not a Jew after all. It was his decision to stay and become a Jew or leave and live out the rest of his life as a non-Jew. He decided the latter. All the rest of the class looked at him with obvious enough envy that the moreh was prompted to take a raised-hand vote as to how many would follow after him if they could. Every hand was raised.

That teacher realized, right then, that something was very wrong with Jewish education.

On a personal level, I myself am a big ba'alath kin'ah, my first awareness of it being when I was about 5 or 6 years old, watching Romper Room on TV (yes, I know I'm dating myself...) and hearing the names of children being read out over the air: I wanted to be one of them. And, how I wanted to look through that magic mirror!

I also underwent experiences that not many other children see, which I envied others for not having had. Don't try to guess what they were; I will not share them at this time, and I have also been spared some of the very worst a young girl can go through; so, for that, I am thankful: The main point is that I recognize envy in myself and what it did and does to me, and can see the connection between the desire for the love and respect of the nations and my own wish to be like other children (and now, women) around me.  Not having been raised in an observant home, I was not aware of Judaism as I am today, so the anti-Semitism I found as a child was totally inexplicable; and I wanted so badly NOT to be a Jew because of it. It took me many years to fully understand why I should thank G-d for making me a Jew!

The main takeaway today is: Even, and especially, the most precious, beautiful jewel requires careful and skillful cutting and polishing. Take too much off, and it won't be so precious or unusually beautiful; take too little off and you won't see its brilliance or appreciate its color spectrum. It could also be that our eyes are insufficient, may G-d help us, to completely appreciate a perfectly beautiful stone!

I'm adding the two shiurim from R' Sprecher that I attended on Asarah b'Tevet as well as R' Anava's video. Maybe one of my readers or fellow bloggers will garner for him/herself a gem like this one!

May we finally, finally, FINALLY merit to receive Mashiach, annihilate Amalek and see the Beit haMiqdash this year, speedily and in our days! Amen!!!

04 January 2017

From the river to the sea, Eretz Yisrael will be free!

6 Tevet 5777

This little gem fell into my hands maybe 2 months ago. Who knew?

Nahalah (Inheritance/Heritage) raises money, rather like the Jewish National Fund used to (shame on them now!), to build the Land of Israel and I happened (only from HaShem) to get the winning lottery number.  Now I'm sharing. ;)

The Jewish nation must not let the battle lines be drawn for us — or worse yet, let ourselves be put like fish in a barrel, to be shot to death at the whim of the whole world.

And for those who live outside Israel, don't think that just because you don't live here that it won't affect you. We are one people whether you like it or not, and you will share our fate whether good or bad. The Tana"kh assures us of a good future in the end; the decision is yours alone whether you want to contribute to it and be part of it, or not. With G-d's help, and only thus, will we succeed together.

The United Nations is certainly not taking half-measures with half a heart against us. They want to make sure that we Jews get put down like the dogs they aggress (I feel the words "assert" and "say" are not strong enough) we are. This is no "micro-aggression," as college students call it these days. It is a full-on attempt at a knock-out punch to the gut and a stab to the head and heart. I, for one, firmly believe that murder — a final Holocaust — is in their minds and in their hearts. The sustained applause at the end of the declaration of UNSC Resolution 2334 tells us nothing less. We must put the kibosh on this resolution before it gets turned into a binding document. That's next, don't you know!

From the greatest among us to the least, as one we must reply precisely in kind; nothing less will do. We cannot just annex Ma'aleh Adumim, but must take the whole thing in one fell swoop. The teshuvah will do us good in the long run. Anyway, we now have no choice in the matter.

With G-d's Help: From the river to the sea, Eretz Yisrael will be freed for us!  The Jewish people had light, joy, gladness and great importance - let us have it too, Abba!
בע"ה: מהירדן עד הים בארץ ישראל ישוחררו אלינו! ליהודים היתה אורה ושמחה וששון ועיקר - כן תהיה לנו, אבא!

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